love, smoke and distance.

by Anurag.

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This album was written in a span of 2 years where I moved from Vasai to Hyderabad, then finally to the Capital.
A lot went into this collection and it's difficult to write about the album.
The content stems from love, the many ways it came to my life and the many ways it went away.
The length and breadth of this is so intense, it blows me away when I hear them all in order, the ghosts of people I've loved and lost each sing their song to me again as I hear these melodies.
the arrangements are sparsely made but with many layers, letting the melodies tell their many tales.
These songs suffered the risk of getting lost twice due to technical issues, so I am finally releasing them in the hope that they remain safe with you.

The album art for this took ages to find, after much struggle I stumbled upon my brother's photograph of these little flowers growing wild somewhere, and it felt right, adding as much context as was necessary.
I've never been good with names that is another reason this album got delayed so much, naming the songs took their own sweet time.

This is the last piece of music i'll be putting out for a while, thanks for being a part of this journey,

Artwork credits: Pankaj Mishra, go follow his visual musings and subtle pictorial stories at :


released February 25, 2017



all rights reserved


Anurag. Mumbai, India

I'm Anurag, I picked up the guitar two years ago, and instantly fell in love, I’m self-taught, Learning music has been a journey into itself,sometimes too difficult but always rewarding.
I like simplicity but I like complexity too,this internal dissonance has always been, and with music it was no different,I apply everything I learn from life into music,so the music is constantly evolving as am I.
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